This is the launching protocol to enter the machine. I’m the Q device. Respect the new life, this is a new order, the new system of your brain. You’ve no right to live your life without the gears. This is number one this is the first rule. I’m the Q device, I am the supreme fire! You’ve no right to dream! You are a new machine- This is the second rule of this alchemical rebirth. The wonders of perfect machine!

Welcome to the Garden
Official video

Directed by Paolo Vallerga
starring: Nalle Påhlsson, Mattia Garimanno, Andrea Palazzo, Paolo Vallerga, Oxy Hart, Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Massimo Bozza, Marco Signore.

artwork by Scribabs - Torino
camera: Andrea Endryus Pensalfine

Music by Paolo Vallerga & Roberto Grassi – Lyrics by Paolo Vallerga – Artwork by Scribabs (Torino) with a Special thanks to footage Island. –

Dust I Am
Official video

Thomas Vikström (Vocals);
Nalle Påhlsson (Bass & Vocals);
Jacopo Garimanno (Lead Guitar);
Andrea Falaschi (Drums);
Andrea Palazzo, Paolo Vallerga (Rhythm Guitar);
Marco Signore (Piano);
Oxy Hart, Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Fabio Privitera (Chorus).

the no.Q Family

Nalle Påhlsson

Bass & Vocals

Paolo Vallerga

Music & Lyrics

Jacopo Garimanno


Mattia Garimanno


Andrea Palazzo


Oxy Hart

Lead Vocals

Kevin Zwierzchaczewski

Lead Vocals

special Guest

Marco Signore


Thomas Vikström

Lead Vocals

Paolo Gambino


Andrea Bertino

Strings Section

Fabio Privitera


Massimo Bozza


Dino Pelissero

Traverse Flute