Since what I am to tell is far from the lies, anyone can witness for me. You should believe in this nightmarish fable Listen to the truth I know: Evil got him! He felt the nighmare knock at the door when he was alone, like a swallow in the storm. Was it the gear that killed the man? I don’t want to know. He let the nightmare cross the door.

A puppet in your hands
Official video

Nalle Påhlsson: Bass and Lead Vocals
Kevin Zwierzchaczewski: Backing Vocals
Oxy Hart: Backing Vocals
Mattia Garimanno: Drums
Davide Cristofoli: Keyboards
Andrea Palazzo:
Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Jacopo Garimanno: Rhythm Guitar
Paolo Vallerga: Steampunk Guitar

Music and Lyrics by Paolo Vallerga – Script: Paolo Vallerga – Federica Salassa
Puppets: Cristian Piovano – Paolo Vallerga
Editing, Visual Effect and Scenography: Paolo Vallerga – Direction and Color Correction: Emanuele Favale

the no.Q Family

Nalle Påhlsson

Bass & Vocals

Paolo Vallerga

Music & Lyrics

Oxy Hart

Lead Vocals

Kevin Zwierzchaczewski

Lead Vocals

Davide Cristofoli

Bass & Piano

Andrea Palazzo


Jacopo Garimanno


Mattia Garimanno


special Guest

Kristian NIemann


Ellinor Asp

Lead Vocals

Snowy Shaw

Lead Vocals

Stefan Bergstrom


Andrea Bertino

Strings section

Isa Garcia Navas


Jacopo Siccardi


Special Thanks to the chorus
of students  from
Accademia dello Spettacolo (Turin), and to Linda Boraso, Ambra and Asia Palazzo