It was March when No. Q began the Experiment!
The book of emblems is composed and the Q device, 
the artificial gears machine that caught the souls of the musicians
and deprived them of their humanity, is running…

We’re happy to announce the release of the new album: The black wounds of the Experiment no.Q is the title of the third chapter of the No.Q Saga, made by Ænima Recordings! As usual in the Experiment no.Q project a lot of friends as special guests are involved in the new album! Snowy Shaw, Thomas Vikström, Kristian Niemann, Stefan Bergstrom, Ellinor Asp and more!

The lost and secrets poems,
the darkest edges of No.Q’s mind,
a desperate love research
and an extraordinary journey
in the mind’s abysses!

Every single drop of blood,
Every single gear,
Every single word,
Every song was meant
for the supreme blasphemy: